Gackt In Europe – Attack of the Yellow Fried Chickenz: Barcelona, 20 June 2010


Fans have been waiting for a long time, but after all the calls have been heard and answered eventuall.
GACKT will be holding his first European Tour in July 2010!!
Most fans in Japan will never have the chance to see this outstanding artist this close, as he will be touring a number of clubs exclusively, getting in touch with his overseas fans.

Don’t miss this chance to experience one of Japan’s biggest artists live.

2010/07/16 – O2 Academy Islington – London / UK
2010/07/18 – Alhambra – Paris / France
2010/07/20 – Salamandra – Barcelona / Spain
2010/07/22 – Theaterfabrik – Munich / Germany
2010/07/24 – Zeche – Bochum / Germany



The Day

9,30: Get lost trying to get to concert hall (it was not my fault, I actually was the one saying we were not in the right path!!)

10,00: Get in line. I got a VAMPs badge along the way for some reason. Free one XD

15,40: Gackt arrives. He’s real. And wearing a fedora like me. After that, more lining and some staff-san taking pics and vids. I managed to take some pics when the bus arrived, but I would appreciate if these pics were kept private, so dun go around reposting them, onegai ^^

19,00: Gates open. We get to sixth row. Sneaky pic is sneaky (and bad quality, but not allowed)

20,00: Concert Starts.

The Concert

This was a low-y budget concert, comparing to things like The Sixth Day and Seventh Night, for instance. The YFC logo was on the background, and there was some smoke when it was about to begin, but aside from that and usual lights, nothing big. The stage less than one metre high, with an extra high for Gackt, who was most of the time in the middle.

Before the con started we caught Chacha and Yuu peeking at us from the upper window, and we yelled and waved at staff-san again XD Our concert was one hour and forty minutes. Chachamaru had his usual weird hair and LOL-smile and I’m sure Yuu was on Junno’s happy pills. Gackt was wearing the uniform-like sleeveless shirt with tie, and shorts; he had his hair done in small braids on the left side and longish on the right.

We had ‘Gackt’s secretary’ yelling at us in off-voice, the usual: no smoking, no taking pics or recordings. And if someone fainted they should commit sempuku.

Tracklist (I might be missing something, I was not thinking much, mkay?):

斬~ZAN: Sound was a little bit off (read: we could not hear a thing, between low mikes and screaming), but he popped up from the dark, katana in hand. It was then when I realized: I was two metres away from him. Two metres. His earpiece fell; he did not get it back on.
Dybbuk: I’d never realized how damn powerful this song is until I heard it live. I had a hard time knowing where to look at. But I yelled with the best of them.
Nine Spiral: Hm. So I was there. Just in front of Gackt. Two metres away. And he was singing “hurt me, destroy me, rape me.” You guys really think I was coherent enough for… describing? XD
Speed Master: Still wondering how I got voice left after that one.
Lu:na: And then he takes his shirt off. Byebye brain. After this he takes a bit for us to cheer on his ego for a while. “My brothers and sisters, scream.” We screamt. For what was worth it.
Kimi ga Matteiru Kara: He made us scream LOTS too.
Jesus: What the hell man, you still wanna make us scream more? We’re only 800, this is not the Yokohama Arena XD
Flower: A capella. Fucking a capella for a whole MINUTE. This wrapped up the concert.
Bonus 1: Uncontrol: They came back, throwing stuff at the fangirls. A fight broke up just in front of me for Yuu’s shirt, and Gackt tried to make us sing alone XD not a good idea with half the audience fighting for the stuff they had thrown, few of us knowing enough Japanese / lyrics to follow along. He kinda laughed at us some, but at least we tried.
Bonus 2: Ego-massaging #Ilostcount: They had us yelling YFC, and then Gackt tried his Spanish yelling “Os quierrrrrro,” “My brothers and sisters, the Gackt family,” which eventually made me think incest is best! put your brother to the test!!, some more YFC and “I promise I will come back, Do you promise to come back?” HELL YES.

So, honestly, I think I am over my people panic after this. I was stepped on, elbowed, thrown away when the fight broke out, and squeezed. We had no A/C most of the time, and we survived on the water the staff, Gackt himself, and the JOB threw / spat at us. One of the most awesome parts of the live was realizing that, the same way I had seen Chacha direct every damn cheering bout in every damn concert I got or have watched, he was ding the same for us (as in me, and 799 other people). Yes, I yelled. Yes, I bounced and jumped and sang and was happy as hell *nods*. But in case you’re wondering, no, I did not cry XD.

We said byebye with the typical Spanish cheering of ‘oeoeoeeeee’, and at first they had no idea of what was all about, then they were amused. And then Gackt mini-smiled. That tiny self-assured smile he’s got, Yuu was bouncing and Chacha smirking like a madman (he got lost of points live. As in hell of a LOT). Just as the drummer was leaving his second bye, we made a run for the merchandising. Hm *points at pic*: bag, CD, tie, badge, key ring, photo book and hand towel.


I made it out with my t-shirt drenched in sweat, my hair a mess, and my fedora in serious need of reshaping, but happy as hell. All in all, it was fucking awesome. I’m home by now. I might make another post with stuff I find online and in the forums about the concert, but as of now, these are mine.

Gackt’s opinion of Barcelona from his blog

I put this together using my limited japanese skills, google translator and the general idea I got from Amaiakuyume’s LJ translation.

スペイン、Barcelonaはとにかく熱かった。Spain, Barcelona was hot anyway.
ライブが始まる前も後も、集まったファンが歌う。Before and after the live fans singing together.
「俺〜俺俺俺〜〜〜、、、」“Ore~ore ore~~” (in which we sang ‘oéoé’, aka オエオエ, my dear Gackt, not オレオレ‘oreore/oleole’)
漢字にすると、だいぶ傲慢な感じだが・・・カタカナだと雰囲気がわかるだろう。In kanji (俺 = ore as in rough ‘I’) it feels very… arrogant, but you will feel it right in katakana
女の子達ももちろんだが、オトコがとにかく熱い。The girls were excited, of course, but so were the guys
シャイなヤツが一人もいない。There was nobody shy
みんな楽しんでる。Everybody enjoying…
暴れてる。Going wild
乗りまくっている。Riding the wave like crazy

このライブハウスはそんなに規模は大きくないが雰囲気が良い。The live had a great atmosphere, even with the (small?) size.
楽屋に入って撮った一枚。One shot of the dressing room.


この楽屋に来ると、みんなアーティストに見える。Who comes to this dressing room can see the artist
雰囲気が格段に良い。It’s a really great atmosphere

ノリも最高にイケててライブが終わった後、After the great rhythm, it was frustrating
帰るのが嫌になったぐらいだ。I did not want to go home
やっぱりスペインはいい。After all, Spain is good.

人がいい。Good people.
心がいい。Good hearts.

今回、夜想会でバルセロナに行くことを決めて良かった。It is good that we will come to Barcelona with the fanclub
一緒に行く子たちには、是非、この雰囲気を味わって欲しい。The children have to come, I want them to feel this


スペイン人が走ってきてSpanish people came running
「GACKT〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜△▲×◎×▽×●○▽×●○◎・・・?????」”GACKT ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ▲ △ × ◎ × ▽ × ▽ ○ ● × ◎ ○ ● ・ ・ ・ ?????”
と宇宙後で話し続ける。It was like space speak
全く、何を言ってるかわからん。I did not understand what was said
これが、何度も続く。And this happened many times

うーーん、スペイン語を勉強しないと駄目だな・・・。 Hm, I guess I need to learn Spanish (My dear, apparently, you tried more Spanish than I understood)


ライブでは何人もの女の子達が気を失い外に運ばれる。Many girls fainted and were carried out (to my knowledge, one)
途中であまりの暑さにセキュリティーが最前列から Due to it being too hot, from the first row security
水をまき始める。Kept throwing water

完全に水着祭りのリハーサルだ。A complete rehearsal for the Swimsuit Festival.

男の子達も水を浴びながら生き返った顔をする。When the men received the water, they seemed to revive
まるでシャンプーのCMみたいだ。It looked like a shampoo commercial
全員が絵になる。This is the picture

そんな暑い夜はあっという間に過ぎ、Such a hot night passed quickly,
すぐさまライブ終了後に24時間のバスの旅が始まる。And the 24-hour bus journey (to Munich) begins immediately after the live.


Official pictures of the European tour


1. 斬~ZAN~
2. Dybbuk
4. Speed Master
5. Lu:na
6. 君が待っているから
7. mind forest ※英語詞で歌唱
10. Jesus
11. Flower
12. Kagero
ENCORE: uncontrol (♂狂喜乱舞 edition.♂)

Tour dates

2010/07/16 O2 Academy Islington, London, England
2010/07/18 Alhambra, Paris, France
2010/07/20 Salamandra 1, Barcelona, Spain
2010/07/22 Theaterfabrik, Munich, Germany
2010/07/24 Zeche, Bochum, Germany

Youtube links for the Barcelona Con There are many fancams and stuff going around, but I stick with these videos (beware of the screaming):



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