VAMPS 2012 Beast on the Beach: Tokyo, 17 July 2012

VAMPS live 2012 “Beast on the Beach” was going on at Zepp Tokyo, so we got tickets for it. Denise said she wanted to see how short Hyde was for real face, and I am not even kidding. I disagree, though. I don’t think Hyde is short, he is portable size. Zepp Tokyo is in Odaiba, and was packed for the evening, with maybe us being the only two foreigners in the crowd.

Our first stop was the merch stand, and second the coin lockers to put the bought stuff in and settled to wait for our turn to go in (yes, you have an entering number for the Zepp). We got in rather late, number wise . Then we had to buy a drink – really, ¥500 felt a bit expensive for a water bottle, but at least we got the bottle strap for it, with VAMPS customisation. That was fun.

By the time we were in the main area, it was only 20 minutes until the concert started at 6:66. I would have liked to sneak out a picture of the screen, but I had left my phone in the locker due to safety reasons (not mixing it with the water, actually) XD

For the sake of memory, this was our setlist

  1. Devil Side
  2. Redrum
  3. Dolly
  4. The Past
  5. Rumble
  6. Evanescent
  7. It’s sad
  8. Made in Heaven
  9. Sweet Dreams
  10. Time Goes By
  11. Hunting
  12. Angel Trip
  13. Trouble
  14. Get up
  15. Midnight Celebration
  16. Revolution
  17. Memories
  18. Love Addict
  19. Sex Blood Rock N’ Roll

The live itself was fun, although I was really tired and did not hop and bounce all that I could have – I am sure I jumped much more in Laruku in London. I did not get the two songs I was most hoping for, but I did not really mind. I mean, I already got my whole damn bunch of faves from Laruku and I had never thought I would see them live. When I decided to go and see VAMPS I just wanted to see them, the setlist did not mind that much. I was close enough to see him, though the sea of heads, which considering how blind I am… yeah XD was close enough.

Some highlights of the concert were the emcees. During the first one K.A.Z. called Ju-ken a suica (watermelon) because his hair was green and then told us about festivals and how hot it was and that he was surprised we were there and not outside, it was so hot. While he talked, Hyde climbed onto the second floor to throw some water at us / be a diva demanding and giving back his water bottles with one hell of an attitude. Later on the man himself gave us his own emcee and… messed up, suddenly turning around to ask “am I giving the day after tomorrow’s talk?”

My favourite song was of course “Trouble”. You see, I remember that song coming out. It was in the Power Rangers’ movie. It was sung by these two Brit girls:

And becomes this in the hands of two Japanese over-forty guys:

As I said, very fun. Then in the bit of his talk that he did not mess up, Hyde told us that problems seem less bad with time, sung us pretty “Memories”. “Midnight Celebration” and “Sex Blood Rock’n roll” were also amazing.

All in all, it was a very fun experience. One girl whacked me on the head once when cheering, then another time, but then he smashed her arm against my hair stick and was much more careful from then on XD. It was not the best concert I have been to, I think London’s Laruku has that honour, then Gackt’s first in Barcelona, but it was fiendishly fun and the sound quaility was behind amazing. Five stars, would buy again.

As a bonus, this was the official picture for that day:

Of course this pic is not mine XD


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