VAMPark 2013, 30 June 2013, Zepp Diver City Tokyo


After lining for hours to get a same-day ticket as they had sold out in advance-selling, we got in VAMPark 2013. The park consists in:

  • A 20-minute movie of the Hokkaido Christmas event, including footage from the performance. Adorable unplugged version of Angel Trip with little flags instead of the towels
  • A glimpse of a Chupacabra mascot, which did not stay long enough for a good picture and that at some point may or may not have had Hyde inside
  • A table for you to put your name and address in a box. Not sure what happened to that ETA: Apparently it is to get a poster perpetrated by KAZ…
  • Crane games where you got a random poster if you won
  • Photo session where you could get a poster made with a CGG version of the member of your choosing
  • Pictures of the band (mostly Hyde) you could take pictures of
  • Access to exclusive merch

Is it worth the price? Not for content, that’s for sure, but who can resist the Chupacabra cuteness??


Merch acquired:

  • Chupacabra Suica holder (above)
  • Chupacabra Handkerchief
  • Chupacabra sticker
  • Chupacabra plastic bag (present for buying over a fixed amount)
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