VAMPS Tanabata and Ahead/Replay Presentation Event, 2-3 July 2013


July 2nd

Well, officially it went like this: you woke up insanely early on the 2nd, you headed towards Odaiba to be there by 8:00 am and you could pick up tickets to buy your copies of the single with one day in advance. With every CD bought (one of each edition per round, max.) you got a chance to attend the next day’s event, and with every round you got a special poster.

How did it really go? Out of the expected 2000 people there were about 300 there, being generous. I hit on my first round, but I had to take a few more to hit for Denise. The tickets to buy the CDs were only “given” from 8:00 to 10:00, in theory. By the time I left, 11:30ish, they were handing them in front of the shopping stand because yeah, 600 people should go in the venue and that had not been nearly filled. To be honest, considering that I saw people with new-looking bags the next day before the event, I am pretty sure they were still giving away chances on the 3rd itself.

Organisation? None. It was all a chaos, precisely because it was perfectly organised for… 2,000 people. Since that number had not been hit by far, the staff completely hay-wired, and nobody knew what to do. Some of the staff were pretty much rude, too, snapping at people trying to check their chance close to the venue even if they were not blocking the way at all.

I was lucky enough to be helped by a nice girl who flailed my hitting with me and that I would meet later at the event, albeit fleetingly.

All in all it became a bit of a stressy adventure. While I understand that it was a promotion event and the priority was getting the venue filled, I found the way it developed unfair to the people who had complied with the original set of rules.


July 3rd

The Tanabata Event was to be attended in yukata, which I guess is okay if you are not a fat Western cow. I was thoroughly stared, pointed and a few times giggled at, which did not help either my self-confidence or my mood. Snarky staff once again did not help. I missed the guy I had scared up after the concert asking for the present boxes.

My entry number was 88, and I was the 50th person to walk into the venue and found a central seat rather in front that I later gave to Denise, figuring that she would enjoy the show more than I would, what with being able to understand Japanese and feeling more enthusiastic than I was, and found myself a seat that was not too far away. Unfortunately this blocked my view from either KAZ or Hyde, due to the girl in front of me. Sorry, KAZ XD

I skipped writing a Tanabata wish as you were supposed to leave your things on your seat and go out to do that and I am not a trusting Japanese girl XD

During the event Hyde was his whorish, pouty, adorable self, and once again KAZ proved that he could talk, and even say more than chigau. I am impressed. There was talk of the single (I love how Hyde just goes “huh” when he sees himself in the PVs), announcement of the “World Tour”, VAMPS discovering that Denise exist, taiko game of Ahead (which KAZ dodged but Hyde tried) and interaction with Niconico watchers. In the end we got our picture taken “with” VAMPS.


In the end, the friendliness that the staff had not had was made-up-for by other fans, who were fascinated by the gaijin and super friendly. I met the girl from the day before, who came to say hi and congratulate me… not sure why, if for making it, or for the world tour XD

I am still not sure what to make of the experience. I was terribly uncomfortable for most of the event (and especially before it, as every one who arrived in the area stopped to take a second look), and reminded me how bad my Japanese is as I missed 95% of what was going on, but it was nice to interact with the Japanese fans as they were surprisingly welcoming.

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