VAMPS London Gig at KOKO House, 28 March 2014

Don’t expect a coherent review, because ever if I will do my best to write one, I don’t think that it is going to be possible. It all started at 5am on Friday and as I write this at 10pm on Saturday (even if you won’t read this until Sunday) I am yet to sleep XD

The concert was held at KOKO Livehouse, a nightclub in Candem Town, one of those weird semi independent neighbourhoods that London has. Many jokes and puns ensued regarding ここ (“koko”, meaning here) and KOKO, of course.


London is always a welcoming city, and I was able to find my hotel and the venue without much trouble once Google maps decided to kick in. The two girls up front were organising the line and giving numbers and it was a very nice environment over all. I got number 23 for the VIP line, which including a handshake with the band, and priority access.

For some reason I never got a ticket, I was allowed in the venue with just the reference of order, and I am not the only person who went through like that.

But I am ahead of myself. Around 11.15 some nice staff announced that the band was coming in, and guided us to the area. HYDE was the first to come out and walked down the street in his black trench coat and sunglasses. The sunglasses part is important because we are the same size, and sunglasses-to-sunglasses meeting has become a bit of a joke by now. Anyway, this happened (I was one of the last signings he did, and I am kinda happy that he chose my CD cover over some Harajuku picture XD):



And I am still not sure how because autographs are stuff that happen to other people, because I am unlucky like that. Maybe it is K.A.Z.’s pick from last concert which changed the streak. I totally missed the rest of the band come in, and I found myself facing a question I had asked other people before: “How the hell does one manage to miss Ju-ken??” I mean, he is massive! Especially compared to HYDE… But apparently it happens.

Line ran smoothly, and the ‘meet and greet’, although short, was amazing. K.A.Z. was sitting first, and he must be the sweetest person on earth. He looks at you as if you were the most important person in existence and what you have to tell him is vital to survival of the species of something. He either lies tremendously well or he actually cares. I thanked him for the Barcelona pick (faily Japanese for the win) and he smiled.

Then there was HYDE, wearing red contacts, and without sunglasses now. I have no clue what he was wearing at that point, because my eyes were glued to his face. He was smirking and he looked too beautiful for words. To say I was impressed is the understatement of the century. A part of my brain seems to think that it would have been much better if there had been goodies and pictures, as in the meet and greets in 2013, but what the fuck, I shook HYDE’s hand and even if I know what he did not even register me or will ever remember it was fucking impressive. I have his autograph and I shook his hand, I am allowing myself the fangirl stage, because I can. I spoketh.

The venue was pretty cool inside, sort of like an old theatre revamped. It had bar and a low stage railing and the VAMPS flag was behind the stage. There was a local band playing before them, and they were not bad, sort of hard-rock stereotype, and some other time I might have interested, but it was a feeling of “oh, that’s cute, now finish your beer and leave the stage to the pros.”


Have I mentioned that I was second row, dead centre from the stage? No? I do it now. I have never actually seen HYDE’s eyes as clear as I did this time. It was incredible.

He was wearing the fluffy long jacket without shirt underneath and the XIII painted on his chest. K.A.Z. came in wearing his sunglasses too, by the way. Ju-ken… kinda had an accident with a socket? Or he was attacked by a wild cat? Or he just had a very, very bad hair day. I think that Arimatsu was shirtless the whole time and, JIN (no Jinjin, mind you. Wrong Jin for that) looked pretty much… normal. Which is something to say considering, you know. VAMPS.

The set list started with Devil Side with stellar Dolly (which left HYDE a bit out of breath and me out if voice), Midnight Celebration and as always Hunting and Sex Blood Rock’n’Roll. I keep preferring Angel’s Trip in Japanese, as well as Memories.

Complete set list:

1. Devil side
2. Redrum
3. The past
4. Secret in my heart
5. Replay
6. Dolly
7. Sweet Dreams
8. Life on Mars?
9. Hunting II
10. World’s end
11. Angel trip
12. Trouble
13. Midnight celebration
14. Revolution II
15. Memories
16. Love addict
17. Sex Blood Rock N’ Roll

All in all, it might have been because I was in such a terrible high, but this has probably been the VAMPS concert that I have enjoyed the most. Because, you know, HYDE smirked at me, and looked at me and signed my CD instead of a Harajuku picture (that is why you buy the original stuff, people. Then you go got Harajuku too and give money to someone else, but support the artists first.

HYDE’s English has improved again, it is much better than after his time living in London, and needless to say, it is much better than his Spanish (that “¿A quién me como?” from Barcelona still echoes my brain.) He seemed very interest in asking if we were having fun. I sure as hell did.

I barely saw K.A.Z. during the concert due to the angle I had, but I had a pretty good view of Ju-ken the few instants that HYDE was away from my sight. Pick feel the need to comment again that the guy’s (K.A.Z.) guitar twirling is fucking impressive and that the other guy’s (Ju-ken) was pretty bad.

But all in all HYDE is fucking amazing. And I want K.A.Z.’s Parental Advisory trousers now.



Goods wise: I got T-shirt, mirror (which I did not want before I saw a Japanese girl with it) and wristband. Goods line was tremendously chaotic and he poor sales lady ran out of coin change. I think that the KOKO Livehouse had never dealt with the Jrock fandom before XD. One person for everyone, and no coins? Rookie mistake. All in all, I am not too happy with the KOKO organisation, but I have to admit that the staff, including security, were very helpful and polite, which is noteworthy. Thanks, guy with shaven head, for your patience.


Thank you, Efficient Times for making this possible (^∇^)

PD: Esta no va en castellano. Los momentos fangirl son en inglés sí o sí.


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6 Responses to VAMPS London Gig at KOKO House, 28 March 2014

  1. nemrac26 says:

    Tranquila que me he enterado de todo, y haces muy bien en poner en modo ON el lado fangirl porque por fin pudiste tener cara a cara a Hyde,darle la mano y te firmó (normal que prefiriese firmar el cd, que para algo hay gente que se gasta los cuartos XD). Esta vez te tocaba disfrutar si o si de Hyde que ya en Barcerlona con el angulo que teníamos ya viste bastante a K.A.Z XD (yo barriendo para casa XD). Me alucina lo de que se quedaran sin cambio en la zona del merchand….como bien dices es error de novato nº1….el merchad es genial, la duda es ¿siguén haciendo las camisetas de las que se desilachan o es de las normales XD?

    • Fue salvaje, en serio. Te pasaré el resto de fotos buenas en pack (porque las mejores no las pienso poner por aquí XD”) y alguna buena de K.A.Z. hay, lo que pasa es que fue taaaaaaaaaaaaaan adorable que me mató XD”

      La organización de la sala fue mala en general, pero por lo menos el staff era agradable, lo que siempre es bueno.

      La camiseta ya la verás, tiene costuras pero no dobles costuras, en los bordes, sino que se deshilacha un poco hasta llegar a la costura…. Por cierto, que sepas que te cae muñequera por tu cumple 😉

  2. Alexis says:

    Yay for fun time! Sounds much awesome!

  3. Bogdana says:

    It was the best gig I’ve see in quite a while… I mean – it was worthed every minute of my 3 hour flight from East Europe and 2 hour train travel to London city. But I’ve got to remember to buy meet and greet tickets next time… Cool review and thanks for writing this… This night will always be a pleasant memory. 🙂

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