VAMPS Mezamashi Secret Live, Odaiba (Tokyo), August 19, 2014

(Warning: this was completely written on phone and yeah… I am kinda dead atm so not sure how many typos skipped me)

Tomorrow August 20 is the release of the VAMPS single “Get Away / The Jolly Roger”. As promo, a bunch of events have been organised, building up to the upcoming BEAST PARTY in Niigata this weekend.

One of those events was a “secret live” in Odaiba as part of one of the summer festivals (*cough*moneywasters*coughcough*) organised there on August 19. I was in Kyoto during the morning but a friend managed to find out what to do and I came back to Tokyo to attend the live.

In Japan, each ticket has a number, which gives the entry order, which I believe are assigned randomly. Ours were 227 and 228, which are very good tickets as in a normal live those would be fan club entrance numbers.

The first 1000 people were allowed closer to the stage, an area with seats (that worked for resting before concert and for leaving stuff on during it). The remaining 2000 stood behind us.

The show was to start at 19.40, and from around 19.15 the screen started showing the music clips for the upcoming songs (a loop of three times). Then cute little mascots told us to put the phones away and not to take pictures.

1. The Jolly Roger
2. Angels trip
3. Get away
4. Memories
5. Ahead / World’s End
6. Sex blood rock n’ roll
7. Trouble (Encore)

During the live Hyde told us that we were smart for having figured the riddle out (even if the live was actually officially announced on TV and Twitter earlier today), that it was hot (as if we did not know that) and that we were lucky, because he had messed up lyrics.

It was the first time that they performed “Get away”, and Hyde apparently got the lyrics “so wrong”. I am not sure as you could not really hear him much – his voice is a bit (ok, more than a bit) weak, and Arly’s drums were very loud next to him. For “Trouble” at the end he just decided to have us sing instead xD

He told us that the single was the first one in a year, and that they had gotten it done because else people became upset with him for not working (or something of the sort).

A funny moment was when he was singing “Ahead” and hesitated when he reached the part when it turns into “World’s End” (yes, that line). He went on with the Japanese version in the end, which of course makes sense.

KAZ was having one of his “I’m so cool I rock the world” moments, there were cool guitar-guitar moments between him and Hyde, and even double guitar twirling! Ju-ken was having a blast, as always, and Hyde even acknowledged him for a change xD

Clothing wise, Hyde was wearing at least three layers (vest, shirt, undershirt…) and he still managed to show off one of his nipples.

After the live we stuck around to watch the band leave. Hyde left first in a tinted-windows car, then Jin, Arly (very genki), Ju-ken (driving a fucking Mini!! I mean… Size?? The hell??). KAZ came up last, being driven like a diva.

It was only seven songs, but the atmosphere was cool and I am happy I got the chance to do it. The experience of a Japanese secret live is a truly cool one.


vamps_meza_secretlive (1)

vamps_meza_secretlive (3)

vamps_meza_secretlive (2)


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One Response to VAMPS Mezamashi Secret Live, Odaiba (Tokyo), August 19, 2014

  1. Alexis says:

    Really glad you got to go!!

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