VAMPS Live 2014-2015 Live Viewing Mini-review

Live live viewing 25th of January, 2015

This is me trying to support artists, again. Especially VAMPS, when they do international things, like when I bought the skull key ring, but that turned out into a very nice surprise, so I decided to go along this time too. Furthermore, price was even reasonable, which is why I am not even that upset at the bad quality of the transmission. I completely missed three songs, and another three of them I watched in… jumps, with bits of songs, loading, or just stuck image and running sound. Not too impressed with the live viewing technology itself, but buying the tickets was neat, and well, for that price, I just gave up on chocolate for a month. A good invested of fewer than ten bucks and a couple of hours. (Note: other people I am aware who watched this also had connection problems, else I would have blamed my own connectivity)

Setlist (with my silly comments next to the song titles XD:

  1. Midnight Celebration – missed
  2. Lips – missed
  3. Livewire – HYDE totally left the fans to do the hard part
  4. The Past – the first song that I actually got to watch completely
  5. Get Away – this keeps growing on me
  6. Damned – probs my favourite from the new album
  7. Evil – ooookay HYDE
  8. Vampire’s Love – I keep thinking that the best part of the PV for this song is K.A.Z. to the rescue
  9. Ghost – I like this one a lot too
    [Mini MC with some English]

  10. Zero – took me a while to recognise it
  11. Ahead – I am not convinced by the new arrangement. Then again, I missed most of it due to the connection being jumpy
  12. Angel’s trip – more jumpy and messy connection, missed most
  13. The Jolly Roger – once again, lots lost due to connection issues. But there was the flag and that was awesome. I was not too keen on the song until I saw it Live in Odaiba last summer
  14. Bloodsuckers – connection back! Woot!
  15. Kyuketsu – The V-A-M-P-S part still traumatises me
  16. Devil Side (heard the first guitar riffs, and the last ones. The system kicked me out
    [MCs with JU-KEN introducing the members, and totally ignoring that Arly was not done before introducing K.A.Z.. HYDE: “Bloodsuckers of the World, will… we will see you soon”. Let’s see how that ends.]

  17. Sweet Dreams – it’s ridiculous how much this song is growing on me lately
  18. Love addict
  19. Sex Blood Rock’n’Roll – including stage diving and being fished out of the crowd

Great concert, as expected. Technology can still improve. To quote one of my friends “It gets worse if the cameras move a lot, that’s why slow songs are better.” I miiiiight give up chocolate for another month and rewatch in the hope I get to see Midnight celebration, but for now I contributed to international fandom again, and yes, HYDE (and K.A.Z., he also mentioned us), yes. We are here.

Have some caps:











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