Japanese Restaurant Higuma (Paris) [Guest post by Efficient Times]

Today, we bring you a review by Efficient Times, who dropped by a Japanese restaurant called Higuma when in Paris for Business


Address: 163 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris France (across from Hotel du Louvre)
Phone number: 01 58 62 49 22
Price range: Medium/budget.
Franchise: doubt it
Date visited: March 22, 2015


Next to the much flashier front of a sushi restaurant is the Higuma a restaurant that focuses on Japanese noodles, gyoza and rice dishes like curry. With the location just behind the Louvre it is very central and surprisingly affordable for downtown Paris. It is bigger than the front suggests and it was no problem walking up without a reservation during lunchtime. The waiters are quick and helpful, they have an English menu, but no Spanish one.

The choice is vast with the main focus on ‘lamen’ noodles and the way food is served seems quite authentic. I only had the chicken curry, which was very well made. The chicken was put in like in some beef curries, not breaded and on top like at CoCo Ichibanya*, but otherwise spot on. The dishes I saw on other people’s tables looked really authentic too.


Price ranges are discrete. Main dishes range between 7.50 and 11€, and sets between 11 – 13€. Portions are very big and the chicken curry was absolutely delicious. The gyoza appeared to sell really well too, as roughly every other table was ordering them. Sadly I did not see nor was offered a dessert menu – then again I was full after only managing to eat half the curry.

I would definitively visit again.

* Coco Ichibanya is a curry franchise that we owe you speaking about

Thank you, Efficient Times!


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