Japanese Restaurant Okinawa, Toulouse, France


Address: 156 Allée de Barcelone, 31000 Toulouse, France
Phone number: +33 5 61 22 62 87
Website: http://okinawa-toulouse.com/
Price range: Medium-high
Franchise: No
Date visited: March 2015

Following the France-theme posts, we bring you a nice little place in Toulouse. It is not the cheapest out there, but it has good tonkatsu (the crisp was just right and the sauce was amazing). There is no English written or spoken whatsoever, so ordering was a bit of an adventure (and so was finding the upstairs toilet XD).

The fried rice was surprisingly good even if it looked more Chinese than anything else, but the fish was a bit scandalously priced and only one piece of meat would not have been enough.

We were two people:

  • Order 1: Avocado Maki and udon (I don’t remember which udon it was and it is not shown on the online menu, so I am not 100% sure of the price).
  • Order 2: Tonkatsu and yaki meshi.
okinawa_toulouse_1 okinawa_toulouse_2 okinawa_toulouse_3 okinawa_toulouse_4


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