Kanazawa Restaurant Japonais, Saint-Malo, France


Address: 11, rue du Boyer. 35400 Saint-Malo (France)
Phone number: 02 99 40 66 54
Website: http://www.kanazawa.fr/
Price range: Medium
Franchise: No
Date visited: March 2015

kanazawa_orderVisiting this place was kind of accidental, as we ran into the visiting card in the Saint-Malo tourist office, and it was close to the touristy area. The decoration was a bit DIY-y and the toilets felt like someone’s house – kinda as if the owners lived upstairs.

The staff was very friendly and there were very reasonably-priced menus, and free tap water. This was the order for two people:

  • 1 Gyôza, 5 pieces, to share; 5 €. Very nice, although they came with that awful spicy chili that the British believe must be added to any kind of Asian food. I blame their influence on this.
  • 1 Menu B5: Soup, salad, rice, 7 skewers: chicken leg, chicken ball, duck, beef, chicken wing, beef cheese, quail, 13.80 €. Nice, although I’m still not sure how to tell quail and chicken apart.
  • 1 Menu CH2 (Thon et Saumon): Soup, salad, slices of raw tuna and salmon served in a large bowl of vinegar rice; 14 €. I kind of wanted one of this in the Okinawa place from Toulouse, but they were super expensive there. I took my chance here as they were part of a menu and more reasonably priced. The salmon and the rice were excellent, but the tuna was salty – it had been obviously preserved in salt and then watered to make it ‘fresh’ again. It was not bad, but a bit disappointing, even if yes, I knew it was not tuna season.

All in all, it was a nice place to come across, even by accident.

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