1. Bite
  2. World’s end
  3. Lips
  4. Evil
  5. Vampire’s love (English)
  6. Zero
  7. Trouble
  8. Bloodsuckers
  9. Sex, blood Rock’n’Roll
  10. Revolution II
  11. Memories (English)
  12. Devil side

The concert started late, as the previous shows had been delayed, and it was hot.

At first sound was quite bad, which may or may have not been due to the girls in the stage before VAMPS were doing playback – if they were not, I’m seriously impressed by their stamina o.o Anyway, Hyde was pretty miffed about that and went backstage presumably to yell at someone for that – boy did he look pissed. You could get him making signs to the backstage even when he went back front. At some point his guitar did not work either. Apparently the machinery gremlins were out for a field day out.

It did get better, I have to admit. To be honest I don’t really remember hearing anything of Lips XD things started getting better during Evil, which I finally recognised.

I much prefer Vampire’s Love in Japanese rather than English, but the version was interesting too.

I was surprised by the choice of Trouble, but probably we’re going with ‘Europe classics’? I mean some of us are old enough to remember the original version. The attendees’ response got Hyde back in good mood, because we all know how much he lovers being the centre of attention.

The Combo Bloodsuckers / Sex, blood Rock’n’Roll was an interesting (and unexpected) one. A good bunch of the public did not know that they had to answer with ‘bloodsuckers’ though, yelling all kinds of things – that is what happens when you have a showcase and not a real concert, Hyde – either that or France had not really bothered to find out about the new stuff. It was a bit of a drilling combo though, with all the jumping and replying.

The encore had Revolution II, Memories in English and Devil Side (which the audience seemed more familiar with than the new things).

General comments

  • Hyde, no. French is not your thing. You did well changing to English there.
  • I did not get to see it but apparently he fell at some point?
  • KAZ is a great guy. His… ‘audience cheering’ is interesting XD
  • Ju-ken is a natural-born clown, but we love him anyway.
  • Hyde came down to let the audience love him, must be because we were so far away. The poor thing must’ve felt lonely.
  • Arly’s set of drums is cool.
  • Jin must have been there, somewhere. I mean, he IS in the photographs….
  • Oh yeah. It was hot. Hyde decided to show off chest. Almost like in Japan XD And threw us his water.
  • Flagpole!
  • Hyde was wearing a rainbow handkie falling from his waistline. Gay pride? LARUKU reference? Who knows?
  • Strange combo of new – seminew – classics. I was expecting more of the Bloodsuckers album, but not gonna complain.
  • Finally. Staff. Very nice staff.





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