VAMPS at a-nation stadium fes. at Ajinomoto Stadium. August 29 2015

2015年8月29日 味の素スタジアム セットリスト

We arrived around half past ten after way too many train changes from Satte-shi, recognised other fans by the chupacabra outfits and headed off for the goods line, which opened at eleven. The weather was not good, so we had gotten umbrellas (I lost mine on the way back) and plastic overalls because we were going to be standing (sitting) in the middle of a frigging stadium for a few hours.

anation_aug15 (5)

anation_aug15 (4)

After buying VAMPS goods – because let’s be honest I am quite biased and they were the reaason I was (we were) there we headed off for lunch and ended up in a snack bar that was running special lunch services. It was not a bad choice, reasonably priced and not uncomfortable. Nothing like what it must be in the evenings, but oh well XD

We headed back towards the arena around the time when doors would be open and had to walk around the whole stadium to find the arena entrance. Then we had our tickets checked, and the right bit ripped off. Two metres forward a nice lady helped us put on an identificative bracelet. Two metres forward someone checked our bracalet to give us a bag of goodies and then (after a pit stop) we headed off to the seats where we smuggled a bag of chips (*gasp*).


Of course it had rained so everything was wet – good that we had been prepared with raincoats, platic bags and stuff. Apparently we were the only VAMPS fans in the block too, but I think we upheld the front quite well, but that later. at that point, we did not know when anyone was showing up. The logical conclusion was that SuperJunior, being the main act would be last, and our bet was on VAMPS being just before that because: a) Hyde is a diva and loves being waited for, b) it would have been dark by then and c) Ju-ken apparently had a previous gig in the afternoon. Because, you know. There was nothing after Beast Party and then someone came up with the a-nation idea and the bassist had already made plans?

This is the list of artist that showed up, in order, courtesy of Natalie:

  1. 加治ひとみ
  2. Leola
  4. Do As Infinity
  5. つるの剛士
  6. Dream5
  7. Every Little Thing
  8. ゴールデンボンバー
  9. f(x)
  10. 倖田來未
  12. VAMPS

As I am terribly biased, I am going to make a few comments about the whole thing. I think we arrived around the time Do As Infinity was due, and it felt like naptime – warmish weather, mellodic music… I really almost fell asleep at osme point. Then there was a guy doing insane things with the microphone, and at some point it started to rain / drizzle / whatever. It was windy and umprellas were not allowed anyway, so we pulled out the raincoats. Around that time, by the way, certain vocalist was being… mean.

Damn you, Hyde. You were not worried about the rain, but we were.

So we survived a few groups we did not really care about and then came the first fun part of the evening – ゴールデンボンバー (Golden Bomber). You may have seen Shō Kiryūin (‘vocaru’) fanboying / trying to troll Gackt with the Diabolos trenchcoat and wanting to sing Orenji no Taiyou with him. I had also been exposed to them in karaoke through 女々しくて (Memeshikute). Aside from Shō reportedly singing live, none of the other guys actually play any instruments, but they have insane dances, which Shō really tried to teach us for one of the songs, as he basically asked how many people knew them and there were not many. Remember this, it’s an important detail. But we bounced and did out best and had a general blast with them.

The amount of histerical yelling for f(x) was tough to digest – the girls next to us were all but discreete. Hell, they made me feel sane and tempered. During the FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS thing, which was creepy strange weird different, we were allowed to take pictures, so of course we made the most out of the experience. Duh.

anation_aug15 (1)

anation_aug15 (2)

Finally we had VAMPS on stage, starting with Ahead. Hyde apologised for not being SuperJunior and then promised that they were not scary. Then pointed out that maybe Ju-ken was scary indeed, but no need to worry.


  1. Ahead
  2. Devil Side
  3. Zero
  4. Angel Trip
  5. Trouble
  6. Sex Blood Rock N’ Roll

The live was good, albeit short (T^T), as you can see only six songs, which kinda makes you wonder the sanity of you spending the amount of money you did on the ticket… then you remember the girls behind you and move on. Zero is a very sensual song that fits wel with the group and I shall not be found complaining about Trouble or Angel Trip, ever.

I think that the only little problem with the live was that poor Hyde was expecting the arena to be like one of his own concerts – with everybody knowing what to yell and what to do. Our block only had two towels whirling through Angel Trip, and we were too scattered to do a good reply to Hyde yelling uohh-uohh for Trouble. I don’t think we were too heard echoing Sex Blood Rock N’ Roll, but we did our best ^^

At the end of Sex Blood Rock N’ Roll it started to drizzle again, but by then Hyde did not care much – there’s this joke in fandom that he can control weather, but that after his own live he did not give a damn any more.

Between the drizzle and the hysterics around us as SuperJunior came onstage, we decided to make our way home slowly. On our way out we tried our luck with the signed T-shirt raffle, but we were out of it, and were very happy not to be in the Shinjuku bound trains. All in good fun and a day of fandom stuff that went quite well.


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