McDonald’s Japan: Avocado Burger (アボカドバーガー) Promotion, summer 2015 / Hamburguesas de aguacate, promoción verano 2015


When you are in Japan, avocado burgers are a thing. Well, burgers in general are a thing, but Avocado Burgers are just that, capital letters. And this summer, it seemed that everybody had jumped the bandwagon. We were coming back from Shinjuku and decided to stop for food along the way in the Kasukabe Station Building food court. Unfortunately, we arrived at 22:01, which made us one minute too late to enter and order. Instead, we ended up trying the local McDonald’s.

The アボカドバーガー promotion offered three choices:

アボカドべジタブルチキン: Avocado ‘vegetable chicken’, and vegetable sauce. Nobody in the party was brave enough.

Yes, I had one job, taking a good picture. And then I failed XD

Yes, I had one job, taking a good picture. And then I failed XD

アボカドビーフ: Avocado beef. Efficient Times tried this. It consisted on beef, bacon, cheese and wasabi sauce. According to the taster:

avocado_ownpics (1)

The ciabatta bread bun was not so nice, and the taste of the sauce masked everything else. Not impressed.

アボカドえび: Avocado Ebi (prawn). I tried this one, because it was double experience. It was not only an avocado burger it was an avocado ebi burger. It did not really have anything but those two things, and a dash of Cobb Salad Sauce.

2015_08_30 (1)

The prawns are put together, breaded using panko, and afterwards fried to form the ‘burger’. Contrary to the beef choice, sauce was not overused, and had a light taste. Therefore, it did not mask the other flavours, so I could really taste the avocado. The ebi not so much, because they were not really the good kind of prawns, they were the small ones that are usually sold frozen, so they are not too tasty. The breaded crust was crunchy and good though, and I don’t think the ciabatta bun gave it any bad flavours. All in all, I think my experience was better than Efficient Time’s.

Oh, and a picture of what the third person in the party ordered, for kicks and giggles.



Una de esas cosas que sólo se encuentra en Japón son las hamburguesas de aguacate. Y este año, al parecer, todas las empresas se han subido al carro. Volvíamos un grupo de Shinjuku con la intención de cenar en la estación de Kasukabe, pero llegamos demasiado tarde, así que acabamos en un McDonald’s cercano que promocionaba tres hamburguesas de aguacate (アボカドバーガー, avocado burger):

アボカドべジタブルチキン (Avocado ‘vegetable chicken’): Aguacate de ‘pollo vegetal’ o de ‘pollo y verduras’, con salsa de verduras. Nadie se atrevió con este.

アボカドビーフ (Avocado beef): Aguacate y ternera, con queso, bacon y salsa de wasabi. Una de las personas del grupo la pidió y no le pareció muy allá. Al parecer la salsa enmascaraba el sabor de cualquier otra cosa.

avocado_ownpics (1)

アボカドえび (Avocado Ebi): Aguacate y gambas, con salsa de ‘ensalada cobb’. Esta es la que elegí up porque… aguacate y gambas, ¿quién podía resistirse?

2015_08_30 (1)

Las gambas se amalgaman y se hace con ellas una especie de filete que después se empana en panko y se fríe (a lo mejor hay que probar a hacerlo). El pan es de chapata, y la salsa no enmascara ningún sabor, aunque la verdad es que no es que estuviésemos hablando de gambas de las buenas, sino de esas pequeñitas congeladas. Pero vamos, que era un McDonald’s, tampoco pido milagros.

Y bueno… la tercera persona fue original…




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