Opinion: X JAPAN concert “postponement”

This is just an opinion article. Delijah’s own opinion. I’ve been thinking for a while whether writing it or not, but I want to get this off my chest. First of all, yes, I know that Pata is very ill, and that what he has (if reported correctly) is very serious.

The problem is not that. The problem is the way this all has been handled. Back in July, I bought tickets. I bought tickets for a concert and a film premiere. But that film premiere would not have been so, because the X Film documentary has already premiered, in Sundance Festival. So even if the film would have been projected in Wembley. The first notice we had of this was January 12, with Yoshiki saying on Facebook that he was going to Sundance. The announcement of the film Premiering there was made on January 22.

Even before that, there was the whole Ontours thing. They offered a meeting with Yoshiki, then it disappeared. Then it came back up. [Refer to the end of the post for details on my problem with Ontours, as that is not really relevant at the moment]. The first package was sold with compulsory tickets, and only afterwards they allowed for ticket holders to join. There was never any official confirmation of anything regarding the meeting.

The single / album. There was a rough album a while back. It had a bunch of tracks. We have “singles” by now, which can be considered new material. Count with me:

  1. Scarlet Love song
  2. Jade
  3. Hero (X Japan version)
  4. Born to be free

And we don’t have even a title? Not even a working one? That’s four songs, which can easily make up half an album. And the guys, especially Yoshiki and Sugizo have been “recording” since before the Japan tour. But now we don’t have an album, it is yet untitled and the release is moved to an unknown date. We don’t even have another song yet?

Furthermore, the concert has been pushed back by a year. A whole year. Believe it or not, that’s a lot of time for people who have paid 80 GPB. Or more. There are people out there who have book packages at 400 and 500€. Cancelling the concert gives them that money back. Postponing, just leaves the money in limbo. Since “our tickets will be honoured” by March 2017, nobody has the obligation to offer money back, and that is not fair, because we won’t see what we bought tickets for.

All these facts make me upset, and sad. In a way, it feels like Pata’s illness was a way out for X Japan to be able to get out of the Wembley show, and let me remind you here that they are not getting any younger. I am really not sure at all whether there will be a London concert at all.

Or maybe I’m just disappointed because I have been looking forward to this for months, and the chance of it kept me hopeful when I had to give up on the VAMPS UK tour.

Still, I hope that Pata gets well soon.

Finally, I’ll take the chance to mention that Ontours has the worst customer service I’ve come across in my whole life and dealing with them is a pain in the ass, but okay. That is nobody’s fault but Ontours. I’ve spent four months trying to find out if they’d allow me to fly the day before the concert in order to have one more night in London. They have ignored most of my emails and have been generally unhelpful. Most of their excuses have been that “the person who organises this package is very busy”. They must be. Even now (January 7, five whole days after the announcement) they offer the package without changing the dates. Ticketmaster has changed the event to the right dates.

To be honest, even if the concert is held in the end, I am not sure whether I’d still be pushing for a meeting with Yoshiki, considering my experience with Ontours. Then again, their pure incompetence was the only thing that in the end got me out of having spent 450€ in their package.

Yep. Did you notice I’m upset? Cause I kinda am…

GACKT, all my hopes are on you having that “World Tour” actually meaning something….

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