GACKT Last Visual Live Final. Saitama Super Arena, Saitama. July 3rd 2016

I started the day early because last time I tried to line for GACKT goods I was there forever and a day and almost did not make it (I actually did not make it but staff-san were nice enough to let us go through first). I was at Saitama Super Arena around 9.15 in the morning. There was already a goods line but not long. Soon after (maybe around 10 am) the staff started arranging us into lines, and we had the first ‘ignore the gaijin’ moment. Sorry, dude who was giving out CDs list, I WAS interested in things but you did not make a sale.

The goods opened late, around 11.30 instead of 11.00, but as most of the time we had been in the shade, that was bearable. Especially since I had forgotten my drinks. In line I met a very nice Singaporean fan ^^

I got some goods, qualified for the bag (Yayyy) and proceeded to the fanclub booth to ask (in simple as I could Japanese where the international fanclub tickets were to be received. The girl freaked out (bright side: hey, I have got もらう figured out!), started phoning and went to search for someone. I was dumped next to a grumpy staff-san to wait for another staff-san who gruffly directed me to the same-day ticket booth. I was internally fuming because if I had to queue for tickets I had to stay in the sun for hours, as there would be a line of people who actually NEEDED tickets. Then the girl from the fanclub booth hurried up to me to inform me that I could pick tickets with her about noon (this was about 11.45). My newfound friend and I found us some A/C area to wait for my other friend and at round 12.15 I finally got my tickets. In a non clearly marked international fanclub booth but an all-Japanese Japan Fanclub booth. I peered at the list and there were about 20 names there.

The tickets were arena, row 18, which was much much better than what I expected, but as I thought they had put clusters of foreigners around. However it was close enough that I would manage to see most the concert without needing the screens.

We entered at 3pm, as soon as the doors opened so we could sit in the cool A/C. This is Japan in summer after all. At around 4.20 pm the concert began with the scene just before the single ‘Arrow’, where Yoshitsune confronts the baddie from MoonSaga II and calls him “big brother”. The guy freaks out a little and orders the soldiers to finish him off.

Then the first part started. This had the promotional aesthetics, with the long braids:


After these three songs we had a break with a new short film where we see a young Yoshitsune in onmyouji / priest robes visiting with his brother and talking to the demon for the first time. After this, we had:

泡沫の夢, with the samishen and looking quite impressive
斬 〜ZAN〜 with katana (this was my first live song of his)
揺籃歌 – LULLING –

Then we went into a MoonSaga flashback, when the girl dies after fighting Yoshitsune because she’s possessed by the devil. As Yoshitsune is yanked back from her, the film is paused and we go into Gakuen mode. Here saichou explains the whole crew (and Takumi. Seriously, what was Takumi doing for this whole tour?) that it’s CG. Then they are off to one of those weird games they’ve got in which they had to fight female wrestlers with their hands behind their backs. When it is Gackt’s turn we find out that he is to fight a sumo wrestler off the square, and (un)surprisingly he manages to do as his hands become untied and he uses his arms. I’m still trying to decide if he’s a cheater or bloody impressive.

The change into light mood (hah) for shirtless:

MIRROR, here he got so close duringthe moving around on the walkway that I got to see his nipples. It was GOOD.

Except for the fact that then he did the MC. You know, the Tadaima/Okaeri one, only that he barely had voice for it, so he went with imitating an old man. We yelled back and forth for a while. Then he started speaking about how he was getting old, and that he had to take care of himself… at that point I did fear that he was going to say “this is it,ktxbye”. The audience would give him ‘dame’ signs with the sticks in the shape of a cross, so at one point he asked “who are you fans of?” He got even with the trolling when introducing the members because VAL had even less voice than he did, so Gackt kept introducing him as Junji-san. When it was Chacha’s turn he came to yell at us and the surprise birthday party happened again. We got to see cake and Takumi, who actually did something – push the cake in! And of course we sang “happy basuday”. Dude, seriously. This happens every year, how come it always gets so bad to you? There was also someone called DJ koon? Maybe that was his name? He was fun and asked for selfies on stage. Gackt of course censored the first one XD he was not ready

Then came:


With special mention to the cat that fell face first on stage, the pink one. I’ll still be a tabby fan though. Oh and there were little kids. I guess the concerts were early so they could be there?

After this there was a break with dancer Yuki explaining to us some lightstick moves and a few blasts were to be had with the following two songs (and after this point things get a little fuzzy, so there might be some wrong chronology ^^”)

舞哈BABY!! -WooHa!, which was essencially a taiko game
恋のFRIDAY!!!, jumping and waving sticks too

After this we had another video where we got to see a few of the other Moon incarnations of Gackt’s persona, and all of them had tragic endings, as we know (bonus point for other people around here, such as Hyde or Ju-Ken). And then we got to re-see the ending scene of MoonSaga II, only the complete one this time, and remember that I complained that it did not make much sense? Well, now it does, considering that 1. Onmyouji scene, 2. Incident that makes Yoshitsune afraid of his own shadow (maybe in the book?) 3. MoonSaga I, 4. Main MoonSaga II, 5. Presumably going to war, 5. Lose the war and Arrow PV 6. Scene with all the dead characters in MoonSaga, thus completing the MoonSaga II last scene. And then it all made sense, in a very Gackt sort of way.

This whole thing also kind of confirms that all the fan theory that all the Moon projects are connected, although I think that at some point he lost a bit of track. It also shows that out of those characters, Yoshitsune is the only one who managed to find some peace. Then the final part of the concert began:

キミだけのボクでいるから, with the a Capella part, of course. I kinda lost it here for a bit, but damn it felt good.

Finally we got to see another shot of Yoshitsune’s death and it was almost all over. Until the encore:

雪月花 −The end of silence-

Which he sang in Yoshitsune outfit with arrows sticking out of his body and the band dressed as kabuki spirits. It was chilling.

Then came the final credits and here the bad feeling came again. All those “the last thing this old man wants is…” were onerous, especially after the announcement of the Last Visual Live onscreen after a concert.

But what showed up on screen was a smiling Yoshitsune and “THIS IS NOT THE END”. I may have screamed XD. There were three announcements:

  • キミだけのボクでいるから to be released as single
  • Anime role (okay) in Trickster
  • 2017 World Tour, with additional shows in Japan, which may or may not be anywhere reachable but… but this is like that first release after the Sixth Day and Seventh Night tomb shot. It continues. Even for a little longer, it continues.

And that was it. I made it. We made it. No regrets.

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