VAMPS: LIVE in SUMMER YOYOGI. SUKKIRI!! 10th Anniversary SUPER LIVE ssu. Tokyo, July 28 2016

So here I was going again, to see VAMPS, this time in the Yoyogi National Stadium, in the Sukkiri! Tenth Anniversary Super Summer Live.o(^▽^)o

As the goods were the same as they had been for the tour, I was calm in that aspect. I got out of class and had time to get my butt to Harajuku station without problem. Of course, I had issues finding a coin locker to leave my school stuff. Of course indeed. The doors opened at 17.00, and I think I was in my seat by 18.40. Not bad at all. I had arena tickets, kind of in the back (block D3), but not bad at all and I am grateful for anything I can get ^^. I was closed to the camera mixer, who was a hilarious guy.

At 17.55 we had the opening act with a couple of… lobsters and a song. Then the conductors said hi and the event launched.

The artist lineup was, in order of appearance: Juju, Iki Monogatari, VAMPS and EXILE the Second. I kind of liked Juju, even if generally female voices don’t really get to me. I don’t really like the Iki Monogatari singer, she is a bit too childish (reminds me of someone I know, and that’s it I guess XD). VAMPS showed up about 19.45 and were on stage until 20.30 ish.


They have learnt since a-nation last year that an event like this is not a normal concert, so HYDE was not expecting the whole audience to know the routines. We were however loud enough for him to act surprised a time or two.

For starters he did “IT’S SATURDAY” “INSIDE OF ME” and “DEVIL SIDE” without the guitar. When we had to yell we had the lyrics onscreen, which was helpful for people who had never been to a VAMPS concert (kudos to the bunch of girls in front of me for adapting so quickly). However, as he was apparently being indulgent with the camera people, he did not stray too much. He did a lot of ‘kune-gune’ though and a few camera looks and maiku licks that were destined to cause they scream they caused.

He told us that it was a honour to be there, and that he’d like us to lie to him and yell “VAMPSが好き” (VAMPS gasuki, I like /love VAMPS”. HYDE did act surprised at how loud we were but I’m not sure how much was staged.

He got his guitar and… yes, I know that I’m only talking about HYDE here, but poor K.A.Z. barely got screen time. Ju-Ken got more attention than he did, which was the first clue the editor did not know much about VAMPS. I did not get to see any K.A.Z.’s guitar twirl, but I did see Haido twirling the mike (and lick it like a… lolly pop).

So HYDE got his guitar and he has almost learnt “ZERO” by now! He did “MEMORIES” afterwards, and no nanana this time. By then he had obviously gotten bored of staying almost still, so he started running around the moment he gave his guitar back so he could do “HUNTING”. This involved at some point running down to the arena to let the first row love him. I mentioned before that I was next to the camera engineer right? The poor guy had this face: !(◎_◎;) It was hilarious.

Enter “AHEAD”, “ANGEL TRIP” and “SEX BLOOD ROCK’N’ROLL” with ‘a lot’ of Ju-Ken screen time, even some Jin and Arly. The camera engineer was never fast enough to catch any of K.A.Z.’s epic guitar twirling though. It felt a bit of a more innocent concert than usual. Much less crotch-grabbing, for starters, which he was doing a lot in Osaka on Sunday.

All in all, a very fun short concert. I am told HYDE showed up at the end of Exile’s act but I was meeting someone outside (to pay for my tickets, which she had helped get) and did not see that.

And then I went home, bought some dinner on the way, and crashed to bed because the next morning I had to study for the exam I had the next day. But happy and with no regrets(^ν^)


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