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Mitsuru Nagata: Shodo + Sumi-e

I have already mentioned Shodo (書道) before, it is the art of Japanese calligraphy. Even if it is a very difficult art there are some people out there who actually make it look easy. Mistsuru Nagataka is one of those … Continue reading

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Shodo Creativo: CALIGRAFIA JAPONESA – Taller de iniciación y Aula de continuidad (31 March 2018)

http://shodocreativo.com/ https://www.facebook.com/shodocreativo/ https://twitter.com/ShodoCreativo There was something weird about the way this whole thing was conducted from the very beginning. For starters, there was no price to be found anywhere, and believe us, we tried – blog, Facebook, Twitter, any idea … Continue reading

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