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Howdy stranger, welcome to Semi Random Thoughts in Japan(ese), where I just rant about Japan, Japanese and stuff I know. I by no means claim to be an expert nor a Japanese person, so any stuff poured into this blog is just my opinion and does not claim to be truth. I am just in for a bit of fun and work on those non-fiction writing skills.

Sometimes I talk about things related to Japan in the section Japan outside Japan: events, festivals, food… I love to try “Japanese” products that have made their way into mainstream shops, and going to Japanese restaurants. I sniff through the museums to find pieces of Japanese art to share here.

My actual Japanese skills suck, though I am working my way to a survival level. I am hooked on yakuza news. I listen to male-voices J-Pop, J-Rock and… whatever X Japan is filed under at the moment. You can see my collection over at JVault or find out what I was up to in Japan when I was there in JBinnacle .

As you can see, this blog is written both in English and Spanish, although one day it might even have some posts in Japanese… Dreaming is free…




tori+tori-tori-tori-tori- Pretty bad

tori+tori+tori-tori-tori- Missable

tori+tori+tori+tori-tori- Nice!

tori+tori+tori+tori+tori- Pretty good!

tori+tori+tori+tori+ Best thing ever!


accessible:yes Good

accessible: so-so Challenging but doable

accessible: no Impossible


money+money+money+ High

money+money+money- Reasonable

money+money-money- Cheap / budget


vegetarian:yes Vegan / Vegetarian options

vegetarian: no No vegan or vegetarian options, or very reduced

celiac:ok Certified gluten-free

X2Y Codes

We’re going to start a new section on the blog that we’re going to call X2Y: X to Y in Japan. It will have two main subsections: places to visit (P2V) and food to eat (F2E). Here we’ll talk about things that you can do in Japan, how to get there or how to get around.

Food to Eat F2E Comida que probar
Places to Visit P2V Lugares que visitar
Things to Do T2D Cosas que hacer
Info to know I2K Información que Saber


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